Food of Bodhisattvas, Plant-Based Diet

Moving To A Plant-Based Diet

A few years later I was back in Melbourne again. Talking to the vegan friend in Melbourne gave me a lot to think about, the ethical principles he was trying to stick to were really impressive. His argument was this: as soon as you associate a price tag with an animal’s life, then people will start cutting corners to improve their profits, and cutting corners will result in the animal being treated badly. This applies whether the animal is being bred for meat, milk, leather, or honey.

I was thinking about what the vegan in Melbourne had to say, and reflected on the documentaries that I watched during this period. I have listed some of them below, some are freely available on the internet, others require a modest fee. I have clearly marked which contain graphic content.

Also during this time I was able to speak to somebody training to be a nutritionist and specialises in a plant-based diet. I was able to ask them all sorts of questions, such as calcium and protein. I was able to get an answer back that quoted scientific studies. This person went on to start their own company:

With all of this information I began to think that maybe I could become vegan as well. It seemed too complicated before, as I had previously experienced some health problems myself. But just replacing a few things in my vegetarian diet might not be so difficult. After all, I was vegetarian already, so how hard could it be?

Documentaries Suitable For All Ages

Note: Parental guidance still advised for little ones.

Documentaries With Graphic Content

Warning: Graphic content.