Emptiness of Emptiness

Notes from a talk by Geshe Wangchen on November 27, 2015.

Emptiness is not nothing, but exists as an existent thing.
Emptiness depends on a basis, it doesn’t exist in itself.

We are obscured by our ignorance. Stuff does not exist inherently but appears to be self-existing.

The “I” appears to exist solidly in the 5 Aggregates. But on inspection there is no “I” to be found.

Emptiness of the self is the unfindability of the self-existing self in the 5 Aggregates.
The self still exists, it is not invalidated. But it is not nothing.
Stuff functions conventionally in dependent arising, even though they do not exist by themselves.

1. Stuff as the basis of designation.
2. It is merely labeled on name and concept.
This is the final mode of existence.

Refutes inherently existent stuff and independent existence. It is dependent arising.

Nagarjuna said that all stuff is dependent arising. All stuff lacks true existence.