Beautiful Outside & Inside

I would really like for you to not just feel comfortable in your body and not just happy in your body. I would really like for you to feel beautiful in your body. If you don’t mind me saying, you’re beautiful and many others will think the same.

But not just how you feel in your body, I would really like you to feel the same in your own personality. Your thoughts and feelings are your own inner beauty that you can share with others, when you are ready to talk about it.

  • Short or tall, muscly or skinny, thin or fat.
  • Shy or outgoing, quiet or talkative, thoughtful or spontaneous.

There can be a lot of expectation placed on all people to have a certain look, though their body shape, dress and accessories, or hair and make-up. Expectation is also placed on behaviour, to do or say certain things in a specific way. In both cases it’s just a load of old bollocks that is not necessary.

I would really like for you to be you, with your beautiful body and personality, thoughts, and emotions. I would really like for you to be happy and content.

Thank-you for being your awesome self.