Who Is This “I” Fellow? Forever “I”

It is not too difficult to reflect on the way that the world view is close to eternalism. Synonyms for eternalism include: eternal, concrete, absolute, and solid. It gives rise to feelings of:

  • Definitely existing observable world out there.
    • This gives rise to an equal, shared experience for all.
  • Solid, concrete existence.
    • As though this is the only thing that exists and no other view that could be seen beyond this view.
  • Absolute existence.
    • As though this is the only thing that matters.

Like trying to adjust the focus of a telescope on to a distant planet, I spent some time trying to see this type of view in my past experiences. But to be honest, this it is the view that I see almost 100% of the time, and is the only view that I have thought in throughout this life. Since I was born I saw things in this way.

In ‘Practicing Wisdom’ His Holiness the Dalai Lama draws attention to our obvious view of the world and that it is there. But our view of it is the eternalist view.