Who Is This “I” Fellow? Identity

Jeffrey Hopkins in ‘Meditation on Emptiness’ urges the reader to reflect on the “I”. Who the devil is this fellow, the “I”?

  • Things that identify me, such as my name, numbers that relate to significant dates, my favourite colour, films or music, hobbies, and other interests. Almost how I might describe myself in a dating website!!
  • My family and the friends that I love.
  • Personal experiences in places with people, that I feel are significant in my life.
  • The type of person that I think I am. In modern society it is popular to define this type of possession through possessions, the type of clothes we wear, the make-up and hair style that we wear.
  • Even though I have only been vegan for 2 years, I have come to strongly identify myself as vegan and concerned for the well-being of animals. This also applies to other strongly held beliefs that I think define this “I” fellow.
  • Religious beliefs as part of being Buddhist.

To be honest I do not think this is the “I” that Jeffrey Hopkins was referring to.