The Unenlightenment / Enlightenment Co-Dependency

    In ‘The Four Noble Truths’ Geshe Tashi Tsering makes an important statement on pg.82.

  • Our unenlightened state is like a conduit that brings forth suffering.
  • There is an end to this unenlightened state. Our Buddha Nature lies dormant within us, lying asleep within us, waiting to be uncovered.
  • These two states are common to all beings, human, animal, insect, and the other four plus one realms.
  • They are innate. They were not created somewhere along the way but we have carried with us all along.

This co-dependency between unenlightenment and enlightenment might sound obvious at first. But it means that the problem is also the solution!!

the karmic imprints that make it possible for us to become enlightened have been with us forever. They are the very core of our being and are therefore innate. Similarly, in our unenlightened state it is possible to suffer, and that potential to suffer has also been with us since beginningless time.