Precious Human Rebirth (PHR), part 2

Using this PHR I am able to overcome suffering and attain Enlightenment. I can use my own capacity to become a potential Buddha potential by following the teachings of the Buddha (the Dharma).

Unless I do this then I am destined to remain in samsara indefinitely. The 12 Links of Dependent Arising describes the process of taking rebirth in the 6 Realms, and the suffering continues.

In Tibetan Buddhism they focus on the various types of sufferings, the sufferings of the 6 Realms, and things get pretty graphic. There is more than enough suffering in the world to see it in the news every day. Greed, depression, suicides, shootings, stabbings, war, corruption, and deception are described in detail. There is even the cruelty, abuse, and torture of animals in factory farms around the world. So I do not need to use any imagination to know the suffering of the animal realm and the human realm, alone.

I understand that Tibetan Buddhism focuses on the various types of suffering in the 6 Realms as a way of using fear to motivate people to practice the path. However, I find it difficult to work with fear as a motivator. It’s too much of a “stick” for me and I prefer “carrots”. These are the “carrots” that work for me as a way of motivating me into practice:

  1. Wishing to help my precious fathers and mothers who have been so kind to me in this life and previous lives.
  2. Wanting others to be free of the suffering that everybody experiences day after day, and experience the true happiness of Enlightenment.


To practice the path in my daily life and work towards Enlightenment. I will do this because I want to benefit my precious fathers and mothers who have been so kind to me, and so that the suffering of all beings can come to an end.