Blessings Documentary

This evening I went to see the documentary called ‘Blessings’ about these wonderful nuns. The most senior nun in the documentary was saying prayers and reciting mantras for all of the people of the world to be happy. I am very happy to think that there is a lovely nun somewhere in Tibet wishing for nothing more than my happiness and the happiness of all beings.

There was a great serene joy and a complete trust in the 3 Jewels in the nuns featured in the documentary. The effort that they were willing to go to was breathtaking, and included hauling massive containers of water on their back up a mountain. The nunneries were on top of a mountainside, which had been built by hauling massive rocks on their back up the mountain. All of this effort was for their fellow nuns and for the 3 Jewels.

Their trust in the 3 Jewels, the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha were inspirational and so were the lengths that they were willing to go to. It wasn’t just the concepts, but an actual feeling that they conveyed even in the documentary.


I should not focus so much on work and I will make more effort to get back into a daily routine. I find it easier to put problems at work into context when I have the regular practice to support me.