No. 80 What Person Is There

No. 80 from ‘Precious Garland’ by Nagarjuna

A person is not earth, not water,
Not fire, not wind, not space,
Not consciousness, and not all of them.
What person is there other than these?

This verse refers to the unfindable nature of the identity of the “person”.

We generally try to identify ourselves in various ways, whether it is through the family and friends that we care for, the possessions that we collect, our career or what we achieve in our work, what we will leave behind after we die, the places that we have seen and the experiences that we have, but even down to what we wear, who we associate with, even down to our favourite colour, number, or our star sign.

Instead of identifying ourselves in external ways we might identify ourselves in more subtle ways such as the way that we perceive ourselves.