Everything Changes (And You), part 2

Married With Children

It is on this unreliability of relationships that divorce is based. One minute it’s all white wedding, big dress, and the sentiment of “I love you forever”. The next minute it’s all running mascara, shouted arguments, and lawyers.

It’s not that the couple expected or planned to divorce, otherwise they might not have married in the first place. But rather that the relationship changed, meaning that they should no longer be married. It could have been specific events, their lives could have headed in different directions, or a general feeling of no longer being in love.

Parents & Conclusion

The same changeability can be applied to all relationships in our life. This includes our parents. Even if we might think of the relationship in a very specific way, relationships change. People do fall out with their parents all of the time, stop speaking to them, and so on. Sometimes it’s a difference of opinion, a heated exchange, or failing to meet the parents’ expectations. There are many reasons why this happens.

So maybe don’t be so surprised that relationships do change. Whether it’s marriage, parents, friendship, enemies (really difficult people), or person you don’t know yet.