Becoming A Sincere Practitioner

A friend who is new to the Dharma really made me think about the way that I approach and study the Dharma. When they engaged with the Dharma they did it very sincerely. Any new teaching was sincerely implemented without was delay or hesitation. They were putting the teachings straight into action immediately. And this approach to the Dharma has been incredibly refreshing and inspiring to see.

    I think that I fail to fully implement the teachings properly when I encounter a difficult person or situation.

  1. Maybe it is because I forget the teachings and have the fault of a leaky vessel.
  2. Maybe it is because I am unable to translate the teachings into day-to-day situations.
  3. Maybe it is because I put up more mental barriers with the teachings and my own defences stop me from behaving in the way that I want to.
  4. Maybe it is because I am not being honest with myself about how I feel about a difficult person or situation.
  5. Maybe it is because I am not relying on the 3 Jewels fully, as though I were holding back or reserving my judgement for later.

Conclusion: I will check my reliance on the 3 Jewels and ensure that they are my goto point for difficult people and situations.