Becoming A Better Musician

Thinking about the meditation on pg. 21 from ‘Spiritual Friends’ edited by Ven. Thubten Dondrub:

This will be followed by enthusiastic effort to study and train in the means to obtain the peace of nirvana, free of the delusions and their seeds [ignorance].

I do not think that I have really engaged my mind with the teachings in the past two and a half years. There have been some confusing periods during that time that have meant that I have not really made the most of my time. My practice has been pretty much none-existent.

A musician that I met once told me that it takes at least 30 minutes every day with a instrument to improve the ability to play that musical instrument. An occasional attempt is going to deliver no improvements, and will only help to maintain a certain level. But if you want to make any progress and become good with the musical instrument then it requires 30 minutes every day. I think of meditation in the same way. An occasional meditation, every now and then is a nice thought, good for me. But if I want to transform my mind and make any development then a daily practice is essential.

Conclusion: I will apply myself more to study and meditation every day, and to do that in a consistent manner.