Death & Relaxation

It is easy to get caught up in the minutiae of day-to-day life, where small issues seems very real and very important. These problems might include a difficult flatmate or landlord at home, a difficult colleague or manager at work; or any number of smaller things like somebody stealing your parking spot, not getting what you wanted for dinner, somebody irritating you on your regular commute. They can irritate your mind, or even distract your thoughts when you are resting.


I find meditation on death to be incredibly relaxing. Death puts these problems into a different context that changes everything. With a finite life then smaller problems seem far more trivial and the larger problems don’t seem nearly as significant as they did. With all of the weight removed from these problems my mind feels far more relaxed.

Mind Shift

In fact, in the context of death, I feel that my focus shifts from a problem-solver mentality to focusing on what is important. As though it is a shift from worrying about life to enjoyment of life. Thinking about death encourages me to really appreciate what I have in my life, particularly the important people.


Thinking about death makes me re-evaluate how I am using my life and what I am spending my time on. In the context of death, then some things become completely irrelevant. I still have to pay my bills and eat food, so work and some shopping are necessary. But working late, over shopping, and over consumption are unnecessary.

Maybe it would be more worthwhile to be able to volunteer my time and use my skills to help other people. Maybe I should spend more time in meditation, put more effort into my daily practice, or try harder to apply the teachings to my day-to-day life.