Changing The Goals

One step in overcoming the self-cherishing mind is to look at it in the cold light of day and reflect where the me-first attitude is getting me. I might ask myself “what am I actually doing with my life? What’s the best that could happen?”. These are difficult questions to ask as they may lead to the conclusion that I have been basically wasting my time by being preoccupied with myself.

Imagine another way of looking at the world, with current goals removed.

The deconstruction process begins by taking away greedy consumerism and materialism, that are leeching the resources from this planet. Stop following the cult of youth and the focus on appearances. Strip away the preoccupation with sex and sexual desire, and maybe being in a relationship all of the time is not a necessity. Throw away the modern addictions of alcohol, tobacco, and other intoxicants. Suddenly, so much time and money are freed up, that would otherwise be spent on the short list of things above.

Instead, there is the opportunity to construct something more meaningful. That same time and money can be used in a different way. I’m not saying giving it all up, I’m just suggesting that I change my focus and give something else my attention.

Spending my time and money in different ways isn’t so hard, I’ve done it before. I went through phases of just helping people, random people who I bumped into, without expecting anything in return. Or I used to donate more money more freely to charities and worthy of causes. I miss that spontaneous mindset that had no strings attached.

I saw this advertisement for a customer loyalty card, where the loyalty card owner had accumulated all of these loyalty points and been able to get all of this stuff for free or at a discounted rate. He was surrounded with all of the consumer items earned through the loyalty card. In the advertisement, he just seemed unhappy, as though he had completely wasted his time. I interpreted the expression on his face as “what am I doing?”.