The Perfection of Generosity & Conclusions

In summary, we discussed the importance of return on investment, and having the investment of your money, time, or bodily organs having a real effect. Sometimes it can “feel good” to be helping somebody in a specific way, but really the question should be what are the effective ways to give to others?

We identified two situations in which giving was not effective. We used the well known brand Fairtrade, that can change the buying habits of people who recognise the brand. We talked about the Cancer Research Charitable Trust that was a self-serving organisation that failed to implement the promises that it made as a registered charity.

The perfection of giving is an important practice as one of the 6 Perfections. However, it is important to apply wisdom when performing our acts of giving.

Applying Wisdom

In conclusion, it is not enough just to give. It is necessary to apply wisdom. So what is wisdom? In this case it is simply a little common sense. When we go shopping we look for the food or clothing that give us a good deal, that are giving us value for money. When practicing the perfection of generosity we should also seek out the deals that are effective ways to benefit others.

It is a matter of looking for the value that we will add to the lives of others and looking at the cost associated with that value. Maybe there are other ways of adding more value to the lives of more people in a way that is cheaper.

It is reasonable to ask whether you can do without that time, that money, or that kidney to add that value to the lives of others. Personally speaking, I am not ready to give up my kidneys quite yet!!