The Story Of An Alcoholic

Gold Mining In New Zealand

Following on from the last article on the movie ‘Flight’, I want to write a bit more about alcoholism. Travelling around the south island of New Zealand, there was one area towards the upper area of the south island. In the late 1800s or early 1900s people came over from China to work the mines in the area. In the area there are some huts where the miners used to live. From the money that the miners could make they could pay for their return sea voyage to China with enough money to buy a farm and live a comfortable life.

One Man From China

There was a story of one man in particular who travelled from China to the south island of New Zealand. He had the same intention of saving enough money to pay for his return sea voyage, a farm, and a comfortable life. But he never saved enough for their long term financial goals because they spent it all on alcohol. He lived the rest of his life in New Zealand, never to return to China.

Precious Human Rebirth

This story seemed really tragic and stuck with me. He was performing a high risk job, but he still managed to waste it on trivialities like alcohol. The amount of money involved, the amount of time wasted, it was all for nothing. This was just one story about one man at one point in time. But lots of people do the exact same thing right now in modern civilization. Maybe they waste their time on alcohol, drugs, strippers, or some other triviality. But it is the same waste of time.


I have this precious opportunity to achieve so much with this life, but how much I do it myself. In what ways do I fritter away this time with meaningless trivialities? I have all of the leisures and opportunities of a precious human rebirth to practice the Dharma.

So my resolution is to think about

  • in what ways can I develop good qualities within myself?
  • how can I use my skills to benefit others?
  • how can I work towards full Enlightenment to benefit all beings?