I think that if I could I would drink more alcohol on more days, but there are various reasons why I can not. This includes the following reasons:

  • It would be no good for my long-term health.
  • I want to achieve other goals in my life. So I don’t think that I would be committed enough to be an alcoholic.
  • I lose the clarity of my mind and skip meditation practices.
  • Superficially it makes me gain weight.

I watch ‘Flight’ starring Denzel Washington to remind me how incidious drinking alcohol is. It is socially acceptable and often ingrained in social activities, but it’s easy to forget that there is habit, there is addiction and attempting to use alcohol to hide away problems. It is these underlying problems that really need to be faced.

But any substance that is habitual is a problem. The same with alcohol, smoking tobacco, or anything else. This is different from taking something for a positive reason. For example, taking medication including medical marijuana is a different matter altogether. But when there is no positive reason, then it’s addiction and then it’s a problem.

‘Flight’ starring Denzel Washington