Reasons To Love All Beings #3 to #4

3. Even if you hate your mother right now, once she protected you in her belly and carried you around for 9 months.

If it wasn’t your mother then somebody else fed you, washed you, clothed you, and changed your nappies / diapers [US] for the first 3 years. In the first 3 years of your life when you are 100% dependent upon others and without somebody’s care you would not be here today my friend. Whatever support you received in your life until you were out in the big wide world on your own, somebody paid the bills and put food in your stomach. Maybe it was your Mother or maybe it was somebody else in your life who did this.

4. In all previous lives there was somebody who cared for you, maybe it was your Mother or Father or somebody else. In all previous lives, somebody fed you, cared for you, when you couldn’t do these things for yourself. In the animal kingdom sometimes it’s the male parent and sometimes it’s the female parent. Just watch David Attenborough documentary, there is a lot of caring in the world from penguins in the Antarctic to tigers in Africa. It’s not all lions pouncing on zebras, there’s a lot of love in the wild.

So there is a lot to be grateful for from previous lives and appreciate the kindness of others.