Reasons To Love All Beings #1 to #2

‘Mind Training Like Rays of The Sun’ pp. 52-56 explains the reasons to have deep reverence for other beings in the same way that we revere buddhas. This is quite a different way of approaching people in day-to-day situations. The reasons are manifold … and described below.

1. So to first establish a baseline, other beings are as important as you. They want happiness in whatever form is meaningful to them, and want to avoid suffering in whatever form it takes in their lives. Emotions and desires are the same. We are all the same. You could say that no matter where somebody is from we all operate on the same currency.

2. All beings have been so kind to you in this life. The shirt on my back was not made by me, somebody else made the computer in my hands, I don’t know how to drive the bus, somebody else grew the crops that are now in my belly. Furthermore, somebody else taught me to read and write, educated me, inspired me in school, taught me morals, and somebody else is my friend. Directly or indirectly there are many people in our lives, all being incredibly kind to us.

So there is a lot to be grateful for in this life and appreciate the kindness of others.