Blame, Jealousy, & Other Mental Afflictions

Reading over pg. 49 of ‘Mind Training Like Rays of The Sun’ it talks about twp types of mental afflictions:

1. “When we lose we console ourselves by accusing somebody else”.

When something goes wrong, when our expectations are not met, it is easy to point the finger and say with all certainty “it’s their fault”.

It was when I worked my first “career” job where I had not met a given deadline. I blamed things like deadline not being communicated to me early enough, and other relevant factors. But I refused to say “at the end of the day it was my fault”.

In a way thinking about the law of cause and effect is a great way around this. For me, the law of cause and effect helps me to avoid thoughts like “why did this happen me?!” or “what did I do to deserve this?!”. If I think that I created the causes and conditions for a situation to arise then it avoids this sense of being a victim. In the same way the law of cause and effect can be empowering because it means that I can create the right causes for the future that I want.

2. “We are jealous of everyone, from the highest spiritual friend to the lowliest louse. We are competitive with equals, arrogant towards inferiors, become conceited when praised and angry when criticised or abused.”

I lumped these two sentences together because even though I might feel that I one of them doesn’t apply to me, one of the others are instantly recognisable. Sometimes I might feel conceited and lord it over others, but then be like a little mouse when I am stuck in a difficult situation!!