The Law Of Cause & Effect, part 3

In Dependence Upon Others

The mechanism of Karma really comes down to a simple statement:

If your action causes harm to others then the karmic result is your suffering. If your action brings benefit to others then the karmic result is your happiness.

The “others” in this statement are anything with a consciousness, including people, but also animals and all mammals, birds, fish, and insects.

One example of a Non Virtuos Action is stealing or taking what is not given. It will causes people to feel upset that they no longer have their things and this may lead to feelings such as distrust. Their suffering will have the karmic result of my own suffering.

The opposite Virtuous Action is giving or acts of generosity. This could be buying a meal and giving it to a homeless person, or making somebody a cup of tea.

The Basis Of The Path

So it is on the basis of others that we can develop practice virtuous actions and create our own future happiness. This alone seems reason enough to revere others, or at the very least to really appreciate others.