Random Acts of Kindness, part 2

Dharma In Action

As a Buddhist, and particularly a Mahayana Buddhist, I want all beings to be happy as much as possible.

The motivation is particularly important, and the mind of generosity and kindness is particularly important. But I also want to do something about it. So how does one go about performing kind acts without making it weird or awkward for either party?

In Tibetan Buddhism, compassion is personified by the female Buddha, Tara. Paintings of her illustrate her with one foot out stretched, ready to leap into action. To me, she is more than pure prayers and wishes. She gets on with things.

My Acts of Kindness

What actual scenarios can I help people with? Here are some that I have done recently:

  1. Fetching my fellow cafe-goer a glass of water from the jug.
  2. Offering to do the crappy jobs at work, without making a big deal about it.
  3. Giving up my seat on the bus.
  4. Bought a friend lunch.
  5. Donated money towards some Buddhist activities.

Hmpf my list is pretty short. I think I need to get into this activity a bit more!! I will review my list in 1 month’s time and see if I have improved at all …

Here is a better list from BuzzFeed: