Random Acts of Kindness, part 1

“Join Me”

The author Andy Wallace wrote the book “Join Me” about the group or “collective” that the started that resulted in them performing kind acts every Friday (“Good Fridays”).

These kind acts included buying a meal and giving it to a homeless person, or buying an old man in a pub his next pint. More of these kind acts are described in a book called “Random Acts of Kindness”.

The books speak highly of people wanting to do the right thing and wanting to be kind to each other. In some cases they just need a framework to be able to feel okay about doing it. It was enough of an excuse to for the doers of kind acts to feel less weird and awkward about the whole thing.

To make the recipients of kind acts feel less awkward about the whole things, in many cases the doer would just say “here’s your next pint”, turn around and leave. The doer wouldn’t wait around for thanks or to see the recipient’s awkward response.