Death & Bad Teeth

Bad Teeth & Impermanence

Earlier this week I went for a dental check. The doctor showed me how bad my teeth had become. There’s something about seeing the inner workings of the body that makes me see it in a different way. Normally I look at a body and see the person in there, through eyes and the smile. When I see the inner workings of the body then it looks like a complicated machine. Or maybe just a poo factory!!

Seeing how bad my teeth are reminded me of how my body will deteriorate over time. It will begin to look bad and bits will fall off. Eventually it will die.

Death Everywhere

A friend might be pretty sick, we’re just waiting on test results. Because it’s we don’t know either way then I haven’t given it too much thought. Today the seriousness seemed to hit me and I thought about what could happen and how shit it would be. And maybe I could get hit by a car while crossing the street. Today death felt like it was everywhere, creeping in.

Determination To Practice Every Day

Time is really passing by so quickly, it’s crazy. I seem to spend so much time at work that days pass by and blur into one. So much of life seems to be focused on working for money or spending money, and there are so many distractions with little left to do anything meaningful.

To make the time that we have meaningful, practising the Dharma is the most important for our own happiness and for the happiness of others. However, I can be really slack sometimes. This week I have been trying to practice every morning. I’ll try to do it again tomorrow.