The Same Currency

From yesterday’s discussion on the chapter 8 of the bodhicaryavatara. These two verses refer to the sameness of people from all over the world. No matter where somebody is from we all operate on the same currency. From this sameness we are encouraged to stop thinking about just my happiness, but to prioritize the happiness of others.

And therefore I’ll dispel the pain of others,
For it is simply pain, just like my own.
And others I will aid and benefit,
For they are living beings, just like me.

Since I and other beings both,
In wanting happiness, are equal and alike,
What difference is there to distinguish us,
That I should strive to have my bliss alone?

These verses prompted a discussion the ways that all people are the same. No matter where somebody is from we all the same in the following ways:

  1. Desire to avoid suffering and experience happiness.
  2. Our experience of emotions.
  3. Loving some people and being loved by some people, eg. friends and family.
  4. Eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise.
  5. We’re all hurtling towards death, with our lives rapidly diminishing.
  6. We are most likely related from this life or previous lives, brothers and sister, mother and father, sons and daughters.
  7. We all have Buddha Nature, the capacity to attain enlightenment within us.