Happiness Operations (happyOps)

The Goal, The Path

To enter the Mahayana path that leads to Buddhahood, one needs to first generate something called bodhicitta. In order to generate bodhicitta the primary motivation is the desire for all beings to be happy, not one being excluded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for all beings to be free of suffering and be completely happy, in this life and all future lives? This is the underlying motivation for acts of generosity, kindness, and benefit to others.

While we are working towards making this wish manifest, we want the Mahayana path to be happy and joyful. As well as happiness being the goal, the path itself should also be happy. These articles will describe our own experiences of working with path of happiness and towards the goal of happiness!!

As Long As You’re Happy, That’s All That Matters

One of our Dads often says to me “as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters”. Taken out of context this might sound like a very self-centred statement. This is actually the Dad telling me not to become distracted by other goals that aren’t important because happiness comes in many forms. What will make one person feel happy will be another person’s nightmare. For example, we couldn’t wait to leave our home town. Whereas our friends could never imagine being happy living on the opposite side of the planet.

Sometimes Buddhism can have very wonderful but very lofty goals. Unfortunately it can be easy to lose sight of the primary motivation of the religion and become obsessed with the inner workings of the religion. Hopefully with a name of Happy Operations we will remember our primary motivation.


Given what we’ve explained above, we dedicate any merit generated from writing this blog in the following way:

May all beings be happy, may all beings be well;
I dedicate any merit generated from this blog to my full, perfect, complete enlightenment,
in order to benefit all beings in the best possible ways, not one being excluded.